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Rapportage (in Engels) van onze vertegenwoordiger in Battambong

Report (in English) from our agent in Battambong


Children and Poor Community Development Organization (CPCDO) in Battambong (BTT), Cambodia is a branch funded by the Float Foundation from Holland since January 2007.

CPCDO Battambong started its full operation as of 20th April 2007.

With the fund, CPCDO Battambong constructed three buildings:

- One having four toilets and a small room for a generator to house 50 orphans (26 boys and 24 girls)

- One for a classroom and dining room and the CPCDP office

- One for the outdoor kitchen connected to the girl's building.

This annual report is to report the project activities funded by the Float Foundation from 1st of April to the 31st December 2008.


CPCDO Personnel.


CPCDO Battanbong has 7 staff working in the following positions:

Shelter Director




Security guard


Wet Nurse


During this reporting period, Mr. Pech Samang resigned from work being a shelter director and was replaced by Mr. Choun Phoeon in September.


All staff held a monthly meeting. In each meeting a regular agenda was discussed, managing children, teaching and educating children on morals and rules living in the centre, security and order in the centre, hygiene foods and health.


Children Status:


During the 1st quarter of the reporting period CPCDO Battambong had 49 needy children (20 girls) and from the 2nd quarter to the end of the year there were 50 needy children (20 girls) studying at state school.


Among them 3 have no parents, 11 have no mother, 24 have no father and 12 are from extremely poor families.


The 1st quarter of the reporting period was the final quarter ot the childrens academic year. Below is their performance at school:


State School-----------------------Grade-------Number of children


Dob Krasang 1 7

2 6

3 15

4 5

5 2

6 8

Prey Touch 7 5

8 1


- 22 of 49 children are good

- 14 of 49 are average

- 5 of 49 are below average.


After the summer vacation (July to September), they were enrolled in grade 2 to grade 9 at Dob Krasang Elementary School and Prey Touch Secondary School (see the table below). Despite 2 girls repeating their grades in this new academic year 2008-2009, the 48 children had done well in their education and passed their grades. Among them, 10 children received honor degrees from their schools.


State School-----------------------Grade-------Number of children

Dob Krasang 2 5

3 5

4 14

5 7

6 2

Prey Touch 7 10

8 6

9 1


Program at the CPCDO Battambong Centre


CPCDO Battambong developed a regular schedule for the children:


5h00-5h30 physical exercise before having breakfast

6h45-11h00 State School (Monday to Saturday)

12h30-16h30 State School (Monday to Saturday)

16h30-17h00 national anthem and watering plants


Besides studying at the State Schools, most of the children were assigned to take extra classes in CPCDO Battambong to improve their capacities. 38 children had joined Mathematics class and another 15 had joined Khmer Literature class. In addition, the centre hired teachers to teach all the children English and Korean language for their foreign language class.


Skills Training:


For Skills training during the year (in weekends) five boys were taking sculpting classes outside the centre and the others were learning to draw and paint in the centre. The boys were able to make small statues from wood with an average result.



Each child received three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner which they all eat together. The Centre sets a monthly menu with a balanced sufficient diet.


Children health and hygiene:


In the rainy season many children got flu, headache, fever, stomach ache and skin diseases such as ringworm. None of the children got dengue.


Infection--------------------Number of children

Flu 35

Headache 42

Stomach Ache 3

Fever 1

Skin disease 9


Children were vaccinated. A medical doctor, Ang Pan, visited children at the Centre.


All children were coached on how to live hygenically and have a good routine brushing their teeth everyday, cutting their nails, shampooing their hair, taking baths to keep clean, washing clothes, mattresses, pillow covers and bed sheets and so on.


Children's Material.

Preparing for a new academic year, the Centre bought school uniforms, books, pens and other materials for the children. To celebrate the big holiday in late September, Phcum Bin, all children received new clothes.




During the 4th quarter of the period, CPCDO Battambong also created gardening activities in the centre so that children can learn, practice and do vegetable and fruit planting. In the garden, there were cucumbers, cabbages, papayas, bananas etc. All children seem to enjoy the gardening activities very much.




Despite working in class and staying in the centre, in late December all children were taken to Romsaysork Mount, Sampov Mount and Kamping Puy Lake not only for enjoyment and to relax from school work but also to teach them more about the geography and history of the area.




In the 4th quarter of 2008 CPCDO Battambong started a library to bring more knowledge to the children. Almost 80 books have been added to the library including children's magazines, poetry, short stories, history books etc. As a result not only the children of the centre enjoyed reading but also the children from the local community. On average 23 children (boys and girls) from the community come to the library every day.


Childrens Committee:


A Children's Committee of 6 people was established in late November 2008 to monitor and oversee the movement of children coming in and leaving the centre.


Members of the committee are:

- A village chief,

- A villager living in the village where the centre is located,

- The lady who gave her land to build the centre,

- A teacher from Dop Krasang school,

- A community police officer,

- A representative of the Float Foundation (for the time being Vireak Ann).


Other events/Activities:


- CPCDO has contact with a party who has promised to support the maintenance and monthly expenses for a TUK TUK including gasoline and oil costs.

- 2nd roof of each building was completed in mid June.

- The installation of the water system for the school was completed.

- Security at the centre during the night was improved by action from the community police officer.

- CPCDO has attended 15 meetings with the Battambong Department of Social Affairs and the Hope Partner Organization with regard to children with HIV-AIDS positive parents.

- Attended a workshop on Children's Safety for Children's health.

- Contact with "Hope of Cambodian Children" to borrow books.

- Birth certificates for children made at Prey Touch commune.




- No transportation to take children to the doctor during the night.

- Not enough light during night time for children to study. Due to the increase in the diesel prices, the generator was not operated every night.

- Due to increased living costs the budget in 2008 was not sufficient for some food ingredients, bathroom kits and diesel oil for the generator.

- All bicycleswere broken needing replacement parts and repairs. For the new academic year 17 children have to walk a long distance to school (5 km).

- For the coming academic year, all children from grade 7 to 9 may need to take supplementary tutoring on different topics including mathematics and chemistry from the on-site teachers. Under the current budget it is not possible to give all the children supplementary programs.

- Illnesses because of the change in climate.

- Open kitchen led to cooking difficulties during the rainy season.

- Some of the doors of the buildings and toilets were broken.