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Narrative Report April-June 2009 CPCDO in Battambong


Children and Poor Community Development Organization (CPCDO) branch is located in Battambong (BTT), Cambodia which received funding support from the Float Foundation since January 2007. The funds from the Float Foundation were used to construct three buildings to house 50 orphans (26 boys and 24 girls), four toilets, and a small room for a generator. One of the three buildings is used for a study room/dining area. In addition, the office is also located in this building. The fund was also used to construct an outdoor kitchen which connected to the girl's building. The Centre started its full operation as of April 20th 2007.

This reporting period is the start of the 3rd year project which is funded by the Float Foundation.

CPCDO Personnel

There are 7 staff working for the BTT-CPCDO branch in the following structure:

Shelter Director
2 Teachers
1 Wet Nurse
Security Guard

All staff held a monthly meeting. In each meeting a regular agenda was discussed: managing children, teaching and educating children on morals and rules living in the centre, security and order in the centre and hygiene foods and health.

Children Status:

During this period there were 50 neediest children (20 girls)

State School Grade Number of Children

Dob Krasang 2 6
3 6
4 12
5 7
6 2
Prey Touch 7 10
8 6
9 1

Student performance at school:

26 of 50 children are excellent,

7 of 50 are good,

11 of 50 are average

6 of 50 are below average.


A girl (Chan Srey Nou) at grade 9 will take a national exam on July 6-7 to go to high school.


Program at the Centre:

Regular schedule is set for children in the centre everyday.


05h00-05h30 doing exercise before having breakfast

06h45-11h00 school (Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning)

12h30-16h30 school (Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning)

16h30-17h00 national anthem and watering plants


In addition to class at public school, children are taking supplementary tutoring program from the on-site teachers to help those that need specific assistance. 33 children were supplemented on mathematics and 16 were supplemented in Khmer literature.


The Centre has English sessions for the CPCDO children en children from the community. In total there are 73 children taking English classes at the centre.


23 children (8 are from the community) taking Essential English book 1

21 children (3 are from the community) taking New Headway Elementary

40 children (13 are from the community) taking English for Children.


60% of them are good in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Skills training:

Nine elder boys are taking skills training and sculpture every Sunday and three of them are able to sculpt. 33 children are taking drawing class every Sunday and eighteen of them are good, they draw correctly in accordance with the formula.


Seven girls and one boy learn how to cook at the centre. Five of them are good and can cook different dishes.



Each child received three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner which are all eaten together. The Centre set a monthly menu with a balanced sufficient meal.


Children Health and Hygiene:

In general, children's health is good.


Infection Number of Children Frequency

Cold, headache, fever 50 1-3 times per month

Stomach ache 3

Skin disease 3

Typhoid 30


A boy has an eye infection and has been treated for a couple of months.

Sothearith had his health checked by Arrupe and had his artificial leg made.

Three children have leg infections and were sent to the doctor through Rustic Pathways.


Doctor and staff from Hope for Cambodian Children (HCC) visited the children and checked their health 2 times.


During this reporting period, all children were closely watched and coached by the wet nurse and their group leaders (10 groups) on their hygiene. As a result about 80% of them are good except the small children (about 20%) who are still lazy brushing their teeth and taking baths.


Children's material:

The Centre received 8 bicycles, volleyball, volleyball net, rice etc.(see below for detail) from different groups of visitors.


The centre replaced the mats and blankets of the older children.


38 of 48 broken bicycles were fixed.


Maintenance of Building:


6 doors of the buildings, doors of rest room were fixed. One wall of kitchen was installed to reduce difficulties in cooking during the rainy season.


The walls of the three buildings and rest room were repainted and financially supported by a group of visitors from Rust Pathways.


Chicken cage was built but was not yet completed.


Vegetable garden and tree.

During this reporting period, staff and children have planted 15 vegetable beds which gave some more food adding to food bought from the market everyday. They also planted mango trees, papaya, banana, jack fruit, guava etc.



The centre has a library for not only the children in the centre but also children from the community. This year the Centre has planned to extend the library by getting a table, chairs, and more books.


By end of June there are 163 books in the library.


Children like reading and research. Most of them know Cambodian geography and 20 children are able to tell fairy tales.



To celebrate Khmer New Year (April 13-15) on April 9th CPCDO-DTT took children to a resort in Porsat province for a one day trip.


Children Committee:


The committee held its 1st meeting on March 27th to discuss issue of Sothearith health condition and a request from CPCDO Battambong and Sothearith to transfer him to Arrupe Organization. For the health and benefits of Sothearith the committee decided and approved the transfer request.


However due to his school program he will stay in CPCDO centre until school break in July.


Other Events/Activities:


Visitors from Rustic Pathway (internal travel agency) had visited the Centre different times in June 19,22,24,26-27, 2009. In total there were 11 visitors. They worked together with the children to repaint the walls of the three buildings and rest rooms, donated 2 mirrors, 4 volley balls, 10 bags of candies, 3 trucks of gravel, 2 TVs, one new sign of CPCDO and took 5 children to visit the doctor.


On May 17th 2009 President of the Float Foundation accompanied by Mrs Vireak Ann and Dr Arie Bloed visited CPCDO-Phnom Penh and had a meeting with the director of CPCDO, Mr Yuth Meas in the morning. In the afternoon the team arrived in CPCDO Battambong to monitor the progress of the project on site. During this visit, the team also visited Hope for Cambodian Children (HCC) in Battambong down town and had a discussion with Mr David HCC director to seek support from them for children in CPCDO Battambong.


On May 18th 2009 the above team had a meeting with Mr Billy Director of Billy & Jenny Foundation to find a possible collaboration to raise funds for both organizations. (Billy & Jenny Foundation and CPCDO).


On April 24th 2009 CPCDO had a meeting with Arrupe to discuss how to complete the transfer process of Sothearith.


On March 27th 2009 Miss Sovannarith Ros on behalf of Mrs Vireak Ann attended the Childrem Committee meeting.


14-156 March 2009. Miss Sovannarith and Mr Odam Ann on behalf of Mrs Vireak Ann conducted a site visit to CPCDO Battambong to review and monitor the progress of the project implementation and visit the children.


A group of visitors from France led by Madam Nolan Vanna visited the centre and donated 18 books, clothes, shoes, 8 bicycles, 100kg of rice, 2000 riels to each child and a dinner party for all the children and staff.


An official from Provincial Plan Department came to the Centre to collect information on staff numbers working for this NGO.


Visited Arrupe 2 times to find out detail information about them and to discuss the issue on transferring Sothearith.


Hope for Cambodian Children (HCC) visited and checked children's health 2 times and they took two children to the dentist and took Sothearith to have his artificial leg made. HCC also donated 2 volley balls, one volley ball net, and two bottles of shampoo.




No means of transportation to take children to the doctor during night time.


Further Plan.


Prepare a girl (Chan Srey Nou) at grade 9 for the national exam in July.

Hold Children Committee meeting to discuss applications from new children wishing to live in CPCDO.

Continue search for development partner.

Growing rice in the rice field behind the study building.

Equip library with table chairs and more books.

Monitor and coach children on hygiene.

Guideline children on how to maintain their health.

Continue skills training to children.

Prepare childrens knowledge for the new academic year 2009-2010.

Prepare Sothearith for moving to Arrupe.

Complete chicken cage.