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Narrative Report





July – September 2010


CPCDO in Battambong




Children and Poor Community Development Organization (CPCDO) branch is located in Battambang (BTT), Cambodia which received funding support from the Float Foundation since January 2007. The funds from the Float Foundation were used to construct three buildings to house 50 orphanages (26/boys and 24/girls), four toilets, and a small room for generator.


One of the three buildings is used for a study room/dining area. In addition, the office is also located in this building. The fund was also used to construct and an out door kitchen which connected to the girls’ building. The Center started its full operation as of April 20, 2007.


This reporting period is the 3rd quarter of the 4nd year project which is funded by the Float Foundation.


CPCDO Personnel

There are 7 staffs working for the BTT-CPCDO branch in the following structure:

1. Shelter Director Mr. Choun Phoeon

2. Financial Officer Mr. Eng Chandy

3. Administrator Mr. Chhung Bora

4. Teacher Ms. Phem Sompas

5. Security Guard Mr. Ros Samorn

6. Cook Mr. Ing Yeoun

7. Wet nurse Ms. Khon Morm


Staff held regular monthly meeting. In the meeting, the following regular agenda were discussed: managing children, teaching and educating children on moral and rules living in the center, security and order in the center and hygiene foods and health.


Children Status:

There were only 48 children living in the center. They studied in three different schools.

School Name Total Children Female

1. Dob Krosaing Primary School 32 12

2. Prey Touch Secondary School and 15 05

3. Sangkae High School. 01 01

Total 48 18

In July, five children from secondary school (grade 9) took national exam [to go high school] and all of them were success passing the exam with good grade.

During the academic year 2009-2010 all children were success in their study and passed their current grade to a new grade for new academic year.

This reporting period was school break. During the break one girl who was at grade 10 took preparation classes outside the center to prepare herself for the new academic year, grade 11 and all children took preparation class for the new grade at the center.

During the school break, some children relatives came to visit them and one girl went home to visit her grandmother.


English Study


Children continued their English class and all of them can speak English. 32 of them had good pronunciation. Most children who are studying “Let’s Go II” could practice well in listening, reading, writing and speaking, while the others could only do quite well in reading and listening for some sessions during the class. For those who are continuing studying New Headway Elementary, only a few of them met some difficulties in listening, reading, speaking and writing.


The number of books in the library was 801 books and 58 toy and word games. Below is the table indicating the number of books in different categories.




Number of the Books


General Education






Khmer Language



English Language






Folk Stories



Joke Stories









About Christ






Elder children had red most of the books and had requested for new books.


As usual, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) were made for children to eat together along with a set monthly menu under a sufficient balance of the meal. Sometimes children and the cook made some deserts.

Children health and hygiene

There were a lot of improvement on health and hygiene. Children had taken a good care themselves in physical hygiene and health care protection. Due to the change of weather during this raining season some children had cool.

Three children had typhoid. Two teen girls still had irregular cycle (with whitening) but they were in better condition after treatment with traditional medicine and visited doctor who is specialist in women illness at RHAC center.

All children were vaccinated H1N1 at commune health center.

Children activity

During this school break, children worked together to clean and wash up their building and the premise around the buildings. Some of them helped cooking and worked on their vegetable beds.

The boys were formed a football team and went to Battambong town for a match with a team from Ochertil primary school. They won the match 3 vs.2.


Children Materials

There are 53 bicycles and 5 of them are broken which could not be used.

As reported in the 2nd quarter report that Rustic Pathways and Global Student Outreach would seek for fund to support the Center but the result was no. Rustic Pathways moved their project to other province. For Global Student Outreach (GSO), due to their unacceptable relationship with children as indicated in the separated report they were not allowed to visit the center and the relationship between CPCDO and GSO was ended.

Pure Drinking water

The workshop (a place to produce drinking water) of pure drinking water was started its construction in July and completed in August and produced pure drinking water with good quality standard. The operation was run and managed by the Pure Water 1001 Organization for one year, August 2010 to July 2011. After the period they will hand over the management, operation and finance to CPCDO. Water was supplied to CPCDO for free and community people at 500 riels per 20L.

Children Committee

Children committee had held meeting two times to discuss the following issues:

- in July, disciplinary rule for children

- in September, unacceptable relationship that Dustin made with CPCDO’s children and they decided to end and discontinue the relationship, Dustin and GSO people would no longer allowed and welcomed to the center.


Other event/ Activity:

  • Three staff were trained on children training methodology and children health care conducted by Happy Tree in Phnom Penh
  • children and staff visited Siemreap, Angkor Wat temple, one time with financial support from GSO
  • Met HFCC’s director, Mr. Phillip to propose medical check up for children during school summer vacation.
  • Disseminated information of drinking clean and pure water to people in the community
  • Happy Tree representative visited the center in September
  • Attended Nestlé milk donation forum and received 51 boxes of milk
  • Participated the meeting at the commune on commune development and investment plan for 2011
  • Participated in the ceremony of the nomination of new director of Prey Touch Secondary school



1. Lack of management method to monitor and control the children.

2. Lack of transportation for taking sick children to hospital.

3. Lack of communication means with outsider.