The Float Foundation, ANBI registered, every dollar/euro goes to charity...

BestuurInitially we have chosen for a board of three people. In the future we will extend to five people in order to achieve a good balance.

The board consists of Mr Brian Holmes (secretary), Mr Henk van Zijtveld (chairman) and Mr Gradus van der Berg (treasurer).

Brian is an entrepreneur engaged for many years in the world of fundraising. He has many contacts with fundraisers and has knowledge of all common procedures with regard to both the management and marketing of funds.

Henk has many years of experience as an entrepreneur active in business consulting including the setting up of new organisations and financial management. He also works for a number of organisations and companies giving structural support to the drafting, implementation and monitoring of policy objectives. In addition, he is active in the field of mergers and takeovers.

Gradus has worked for many years in accountancy and currently works as an independent consultant, where he advises entrepreneurs on organisational and financial matters. He also assists with acquisitions and mergers. Gradus has been active for not for profit organisations/charities for almost 30 years.

Arie Blood has been added to the board as project advisor. Arie has been active for a number of years in the South-East Asia region for a large private American funds. He is currently in collaboration with the UN and governmental donors active in the region with regard to the establishment of legal structures and advising local authorities on these matters. Through his extensive knowledge of the region, his international contacts and in particular his direct contacts with local authorities and population, he is able to select projects which are promising and where the funds will be spent in the correct way. We are very pleased to have such a valuable advisor within our foundation.

The main tasks are as follows:

Brian Holmes: database, mailing, secretary.

Henk van Zijtveld:financial administration, fund management.

Gradus van der Berg:treasurer.

Arie Blood:project acquisition, project administration.