The Float Foundation, ANBI registered, every dollar/euro goes to charity...

WerkwijzeThe starting point to achieving our goals was to form a strong structure. The first step was the establishment of a foundation with an independent board. This has already taken place. The next step was to raise funds with the objective in 2006/2007, an amount of at least 100.000,00 euros. This has also been achieved.

The amount needed for marketing, database administration and project administration will be met by the interest received so that every euro donated will be available for the projects.

Projects will be selected simultaneously. Here we use our own channels as well as already established channels in the selected region.

We work with reliable local partners so that local people can carry out the project implementation.

As well as the effect of the completed project itself, the realization of the project also has a stimulating effect in general. Local people working for the project will be paid, and local people will have a stake in the project, ensuring the continuity.