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Narrative Report

July to September 2011

CPCDO in Battambong









Children and Poor Community Development Organization (CPCDO) branch is located in Battambang (BTT), Cambodia which received funding support from the Float Foundation since January 2007. The funds from the Float Foundation were used to construct three buildings to house 50 orphanages (26/boys and 24/girls), four toilets, and a small room for generator. One of the three buildings is used for a study room/dining area. In addition, the office is also located in this building. The fund was also used to construct and an out door kitchen which connected to the girls’ building. The Center started its full operation as of April 20, 2007.


This reporting period is the first quarter of the 5th year project which is funded by the Float Foundation.


CPCDO Personnel


There are 5 staffs working for the BTT-CPCDO branch in the following structure:

  • Shelter Director
  • Accountant/ teacher
  • Teacher,
  • Security Guard,
  • Cook,


Staff meeting was regularly held every month. In each meeting, regular agenda were discussed: managing children, teaching and educating children on moral and rules living in the center, security and order in the center and hygiene foods and health.


Children Status:


During this reporting period, it was school break for two months. There were 42 children living in the center, 15 girls from 11 to 17 years old.


Student performance at school: all children passed final exam going to new grade in the new academic year. There were nine children taking national exam in July and they passed the exam with good grade. For the new academic year there will be 15 children study at high school. All children well behave at school based on their teachers’ observation and evaluation every month.


Although it was school break but all children were taking preparation classes to get ready for the new academic.


Program at the Center:

Regular schedule is set for children in the center everyday.

5h00-5h30: doing exercise before having breakfast

6h45-11h00: school (Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning)

12h30-16h30: school (Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning)

16h30-17h00: national anthem and watering plants


In Addition to class at public school, children were taking supplementary tutoring program from the on-site teachers to help those that need specific assistance. 20 children from grad 7 to 11 were supplemented on mathematic, physical and chemical.


During this reporting period, the above schedule was changed due to school break for about two months, late July to late September.


English program was continued for both CPCDO and community children. In total, there were 42 children taking English class at the center, one from the community.


The book “Let’s Go II and III” were completed during the reporting period and children continuing taking Essential English Book I, New Headway and Inter Change. All of them were good in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Skills training:

During this reporting period, drawing class was resumed since July which has an objective to upgrade the skills of children who has talent in drawing/painting. Children who are good in the foundation will be passed to higher level. The children performance will be evaluated after three months. After the evaluation, children will be separated into 2 levels.


During the summer break, children were trained on sewing which sponsored by Rustic Pathway.



Each child received three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner which all eat together. The Center set a monthly menu with a balanced sufficient meal.


Children health and hygiene:


As usual, children were rotated in cleaning up the buildings and surrounded premise.


Majority of children are teenager and taking good care of themselves and their younger brother and sister except one boy who is still a bit lazy in taking shower. However, they were still infected with light illness.





Number of Children

Number of frequency

Cool, he Cool, headache


1-3 time per month

Caught Caught



parasite Parasite in stomach



other other




During this period, a nurse sponsored by AEC regularly came to the center every week to check children health and he would treat children with light illness. With this regular visit of the nurse it help CPCDO in improving children health and hygiene.


Children Materials:


Two broken bicycles were sold out and the income from the selling was spent in fixing other broken bicycles. There were 17 broken bicycles.

For the new academic year, children did not have yet school materials such note books, pens, school uniforms, etc. The CPCDO management had been seeking other donor/ individual to support the materials for children.


Vegetable garden and tree


No vegetable was planted except hot chilies and they had banana which gives them fruit regularly.




Library was opened for children in center and children from community. The library had table and chairs to read their book which is now inside the administration room. The number of the book remained the same, 801 books in the library.


Pure Drinking water


Organization 1001 visited the Water Site nine times to monitor and control the production operation at the Center. Water was sold to community at the average of 40 bottles (20l per bottle). Children at the center access to pure and clean water every day.


Other event/ Activity:


  • had been contacted Mr. Jim Mcmorran, CEO of electronic company, in regard to co-funding with the Float Foundation for 2012.
  • had been contacted a monk in Battambong down and seven organizations seeking for supporting for school materials for children
  • had been contacted Rustic Pathway seeking for supporting
  • enrolled children for the new academic year
  • register children for the national elections
  • two cows were raised through community sharing [means that cows are taken care by other people and the first baby will be firstly given to cow taker and the 2nd to the CPCDO.




  • Children materials are in shortage such as school materials, clothes, etc.
  • No transportation means to meet NGOs for networking and local authority and take children to hospital.


Further Plan


  • Children will visit their relatives during Pchumbin from 24-30 September
  • Evaluate children performance on drawing
  • Apply for NGO’s member
  • Have all children’ birth certificates
  • Continue monitoring and coaching children on hygiene
  • Continue coaching children on how take care themselves
  • Seek fund from other resources